Ghanaian Gov’t Expresses Interest in Liberia’s Cocoa Industry


Accra, January 9, 2021: Ghana has expressed interest in partnering with Liberia to develop the Liberian Cocoa Industry for the mutual benefits of both countries.

The Ghanaian Minister for Food and Agriculture, Dr. Owasu A Akoto, and the country’s Vice President of the Cocoa Industry, Ray Ankrah, made the disclosure during a meeting on Saturday, January 9, 2021 with President George M. Weah in Accra.

The two Ghanaian Officials spoke of the benefits to be accrued from their partnership with Liberia which they hope will provide the Liberian cocoa industry the much-needed boost.

Dr Akoto told President Weah that the first step in the process is to begin engagements with his Liberian Counterpart, Agriculture Minister Jeanie Cooper.

“We’ll like to come to Monrovia… to get first-hand understanding of situation,” he said.

The Minister explained that working with Liberia will provide greater opportunities for the country to develop its cocoa sector for higher yields.

Responding to the Ghanaian Officials, President Weah embraced the idea of working with Ghana in the area of Agriculture.

He said investing in Agriculture is a major pillar of the Liberian Government’s National Development Plan.

Liberia, he said, needs all of the expertise and assistance it can garner in order to improve the Sector, with Cocoa been a commodity of interest.

The President told Minister Akoto and VP Ankrah that Liberia has a very fertile soil for not just enriching cocoa yields, but also enhancing the wider agriculture sector.

He assured the Ghanaian Delegation that he will inform their Liberian counterparts in Monrovia to begin exploring the possibilities of the two ECOWAS nations working together on Agriculture.

The Liberian delegation at Saturday’s meeting also included Information Minister Ledgerhood Julius Rennie, Defense Minister Rtd. Maj. General Daniel Ziankhan, Transport Minister Samuel Wlue and Liberia Maritime Authority Commissioner Lenn Eugene Nagbe.