Robertsport High School Teacher Complains of Salary Reduction


By: Clarence Barjibo ( Correspondent, Grand Cape Mount County)

Ahmed Mohammed Fahnbulleh, is an employed teacher of the Ministry of Education assigned at the Robertsport High School and teaches Biology who is complaining of a drastic cut in his monthly income.

Speaking with our reporter, Fahnbulleh said, as a Bachelor degree teacher,  he earned $LD 60,000.00 monthly but unfortunately, he observed that his salary was reduced to $LD 44,000.00.

According to him, as teacher of Liberia they were confronted on the issue of salary harmonization but to realize the reduction of his salary without any genuine reason is a serious harm to men and women who are working diligently to build a better society.

He strongly called on the Ministry of Education,  Finance and development planning, and the government to make a clarity over the reduction of teachers’ salary.

Something he said,  it is affecting them as teachers and has created a situation where some teachers have abandoned classes.

This he said,  is causing serious harm to the learning environment.

” With those financial crisis that have hit our country, when we go to the bank no money and we are paid through the bank,  how do we send our children to school and even survive as teachers, besides some of us  are assigned in rural Liberia, he laments “.

Meanwhile,  Fahnbulleh said, they are paid in the Liberian dollars component of their salaries , something he said,  the government of Liberia asked teachers to open USD account but since then, there haven’t been any deposit made in their various account and they are yet realize it.

“we want to get the economy or accounting theory that says to us that we are making Liberian dollars component regardless of the exchange rate been progressing or retrogressing and what could us,  we want to know because we are only making Liberia dollars and we want relevant authorities to explain to us about this theory,  he added “.

Fahnbulleh said,  months ago $LD 9000.00 was deducted from his salary , last month $LD 8,000.00,  and this month additional amount was deducted from his salary that reduces it to $LD 44, 000.00 as a teacher with a bachelor degree Statius.

” Why should the exchange rate affect teachers when they are paid in Liberia dollars and we are calling on the Weah led government to explain the root cause of the reduction of our salary,” he said.