LWSC Decries Lack of Education As Impediment to Liberia’s Sewage System


By: Emmanuel TJ Kollie ( Reporter)

Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation Managing Director says, civil education and direct community engagements are some of the many ways to improving Liberia’s Sewage system.

Duannah A. Kamara on  a guided tour with journalists in Monrovia’s biggest commercial hub of Waterside Saturday said, the entity will not achieve its utmost goal if community dwellers and marketers don’t take ownership of the facilities.


According to Kamara in the coming days the LWSC will begin a vigorous campaign beginning with the communities and marketers especially in the Waterside area about Liberia’s sewage system.

“I don’t care how much money Government spent if the people are not educated about how to protect these facilities it will be a waste”Kamara intones.

The LWSC boss said, one of the major reasons for the overflowing of the sewage line is due to what he termed as dumping dirts in the manholes.

He said once the manholes are stock with huge dirts it will automatically stop the free flow of sewage along the lines.

“Once the pipes are not free it will have an overflow and create unpleasant orders.” he maintained.

Kamara stressed that LWSC as a Government entity will remain committed to make Monrovia a sweet smelling city.

“We will not sit and allow feces to engulf the city of Monrovia, we have a responsibility and we are focus to doing just that” Kamara said.

The Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation boss furthered that currently as it stands the Government is partnering with the World Bank to secure fundings to improve the Sewage system.

He disclosed that in order to rehabilitate and improve the entire sewage system, it will take approximately US$50 millon.

Kamara said, the current situation in Waterside is not unique to the  current government as being perceived by many in the public.

He attributed the poor sewage system in Monrovia to the Liberian civil war where accordingly many of the lines were being destroyed.

Speaking earlier, a marketer in the Waterside commercial hub narrated that the smell of feces is causing serious health hazard for them.

Madam Martha Saykue

“Currently, as I am standing here,I am sick because this place is too dirty and smelling” she noted.

Madam Martha Saykue wants government to speedily intervene to insure the safety and well-being of her citizens.

Central Monrovia is certainly one of the many bad smelling areas in Liberia.

With hand on noise, it takes real courage to defy the odors as the water on the pathways are mixed with human feces.



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