Margibi: Mediation Settles Disputed Land Crisis


By: Abraham Kollie (Correspondent)

Hullabaloo into ownership of over several acres of land between two family members of Weamahquelleh Clan section two and  LArkay-ta Township, involving  Mr. Robert Mlennoe and John Markargo has been resolved.

Both Mr. Mlennoe and Mr. Markargo families were are each other throats for almost 15 acres of inheritance land.

However, the conflict was laid to rest recently in Guikporlorshue Town before a gathering of over twenty-five Community dwellers including other local Chiefs of the area.

Clan Chief  Edwin Naimah and his team of Land Rights expects,  Representatives of the Women and Youth Land Rights advocates as well as Carter Center Representative were also amongst the gathering who resolved the crisis.

To get a clear understanding of the disputed land, Clan Chief Naimah under the gabble of authority, requested some chiefs and elders of the area to provide the historical setting and facts regarding the parcel of land.

Elders and Chiefs who significantly lived in the area for decades, were able to provide oral history, giving a clearer picture that indicates the right ownership to the disputed  parcel of Land.

Following their comments, Clan Chief Naimah and team ruled in favor of Mr. Robert Mlennoe and instructed him to resurvey the area.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robert Mlennoe is said to have owned hundred acres of farm land in the area, something John Markargo family earlier rejected but claiming ownership to over 8 to 10 acres of farm land within.

The disputed parcel of Land is bordering the Alison’s and others in Weamahquelleh Clan section two LArkay-ta Township.

Meanwhile, more details regarding the conduct of a resurvey process will emerge soon.