CPP Debunks President Weah’s State of the Nation Address


By Emmenuel TJ Kollie

Barely 24 hours after President George Weah’s fourth State of the Nation address to the National Legislature, the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has termed the report as a blatant lie and an injustice to the Republic.

The CPP said, the President’s message doesn’t conform to the current reality of the country, as millions of Liberians continue to swim in the pool of poverty.

CPP through its National Chairman Alexander B. Cummings said, since the inception of the CDC-led Government, Liberians are yet to know the actual meaning of the Government’s Pro-Poor Agenda.

Cummings believes that Weah’s administration is still operating on a try and error method, as the state of the Country remains weak and unstable.

He said as it stands, Liberians continue to feel the pinch of economic hardship as the prices of basic commodities have skyrocketed and the cost of living has rapidly increased.

“You don’t need President Weah or me to tell you that the cost of living is too high-that the prices are rising continuously while incomes are falling,” he added.

The ANC political leader furthered that many Liberians have become mere spectators and bystanders in their own economy due to limited access to job opportunities and other provisions by the government.

Commenting on the Banking sector, Cummings noted’’ Liberians do not need president Weah or me to tell them that incompetence and mismanagement at the central bank have combined to create a devastating confidence crisis in the banking sector’’ Cummings intoned.

He asserted that during the State of the Nation Address, the president failed to mention anything regarding the outcome of the National Referendum, something the CPP believes was woeful, sloppy, and incompetently handled.

Cummings stated “the reason president Weah shamefully refused to mention the Millennium Challenge Compact (MCC) is that the program has ended a few days ago, without the possibility of renewal due to the same mediocre performance,’’ he added.

Cummings said the failure of the government to meet the benchmark and the performance necessitated the USAID funded project to come to an end with no hope of renewal by the government.

The CPP said as an opposition community, it will not celebrate the failures of the government as they too are Liberians and will feel the outcome of any bad governance. CPP called on the president and the other branches of government to wake up to the cries of the suffering masses, and institute policies and programs in the interest of the Country and its people.

The opposition block said why it is true that the road to 2023 elections may be daunting, they want every Liberian to hold together in the midst of the challenges to give president Weah a time term presidency.

The CPP cautioned Liberians not to lose hope as the opposition community has alternative solutions to Liberia’s problems.