By: Clarence T. Barjibo ( Correspondent)

The 5th Judicial Circuit Court in Grand Cape Mount County, has opened for the  February term of court with a strong warning not to compromise or delay cases.

Speaking at the opening of the court, the Resident Judge of the 5th Judicial Circuit Court, Judge Osuma Fakia frowned on the constant  delaying of cases .

According to him, when cases are assigned for adjudication, it is significant to allow the parties  to have fair trail, instead of delaying the proceeding or coming up  with too many excuses aimed at delaying the legal proceedings.

He said such attitudes hamper the credibility of the legal proceedings and the working of the court at some point.

Sounding more robust Judge Osuma Fakias said, delaying cases will not be tolerate during this term of the court from any party involve.

He at the same time, advised state prosecutors to make available witnesses for trial before indicting the perpetrator(s).

Encouraged staffs to be punctual during the term of court, the judge warn them  to see their job as crucial as  they are obligated to everyone and the state to execute their task.

In addition, the resident Judge said, based on public sentiment, proper evidences are not secure for trail, including sexual gender based violence cases, and as such the law enforcement officers should provide substantial evidences to prove that the defendant is guilty or else the law will speak.

” It is not the Court that free people of rape and other crimes but the unsubstantial testimonies from those wanting prosecution; therefore, the Police need to do her best in providing every tangible testimonies to authenticate the crimes levied against the defendant,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, Judge Fakia stressed the need for the local bar association to work collectively for the growth and development of the court and the association.

During the opening ceremony of the Court, four  Magistrates were inducted into office, Cllr.Jimmy Wilson, Cllr. Boima B. Gray, Cllr. Baindu Kpaka Roberts and Cllr. Nekumba S. Pelham.

Also, some cases expected to be  adjudicated during the February term of court, are the Anthony Demine Murder, Folley Freeman statutory rape, Abraham Kiamassa gang rape and Patrick Borbordii Rape amongst other our reporter is quoted as saying.