Family of Infant Dehnyuway Wants Aid Following Erroneous Circumcision   

Dehnyuway Wheagon and his Uncle

By: King Brown (Grand Bassa County Correspondent)

Relatives of a four-year-old male Dehnyuway Wheagon, who was wrongfully circumcised by a fake physician are crying out to the public to support the infant seek advance medical care.

Theophilus George, uncle of the child said, since the penis of the kid was chopped off by Solomon Goffa, he has been in pain, experiencing difficult to urinate and having sleepless time, describing the condition of the child as being worrisome and frustrating.

The uncle added. “All he does is consistent crying from the day to the night hours based of the severe pain from the wrong circumcision that was performed. It is regrettable that none- of us as relative financially strong to sponsor our son’s treatment. We are totally downhearted and completely embarrassed with the situation.”

Speaking further, Mr. George revealed that the kid has not received any treatment as his condition is worsening daily.

He pointed out that even though the infant lost his manhood, doctor assumed that the problem can be work on but due to the financial constrain facing them it is difficult to provide treatment for the  kid.

The uncle maintained that before little Dehnyuway Wheagon urinate, the family members must place him in a tub of cold water for about 30-minutes to make the affect area wet before he can pee.

The kid’s parents are local farmers and residents of district four, Grand Bassa County where the incident occurred but due to the critical nature of the situation they moved to Buchanan to seek support.

Mr. George mentioned that Dr. Joseph Zondo of the Liberia Government Hospital in Buchanan further that if the kid survives with such a condition, he will not be abele to  reproduce or have sexual intercourse because he has drop his manhood completely.