Inhabitants of Peace Island Community in Monrovia, are benefiting from the government of Liberia and Europe Union US$ 63 Million Electricity projects for communities in Monrovia and it envious.

The first community electrification is expected to connect 38 thousand customers in that community. The suburb community electricity program is a five month project which started in October 2020.

President George Manneh Weah emphasized the important role electricity played in the developmental drives of homes, Community and Liberia at large.

President Weah said, electricity in Peace Island Community and other suburbs of Monrovia, will provide security and bring together family and Community.

He noted that light is not a luxury, but instead, a necessity. “AND GOD SAID LET THERE BE LIGHT AND THERE WAS LIGHT” President Weah quoting the Holy Bible.

The ‘darkness medicine’ as he was named, on Friday, March 5, 2021,encouraged citizens and residents of peace Island to protect the electrical facilities from being destroyed or stolen.

President Weah said his concern about the facility safety is against the fact, that unknown individuals have began destroying light poles along the main Tubman Boulevard route.

He also instructed the Ministers of Public Works and Finance and Development Planning to pave the roads in that area. The Liberian leader added that, ‘lights come with good roads’.

The locals of Peace Island appealed to President Weah to reconstruct their road. They said, the bad nature of the road is unbearable during the rainy season, which prevent them from their normal activities.

Henry V. Kimber, Project Manager-LEC said, the project is intended to strengthen LEC grid in various parts of Monrovia. Kimber further stated that it will not just cover Peace Island, but other parts of Monrovia. “This serves as one of the major transportations in the electricity sector in Liberia,” Kimber noted.

Peace Island is the first to be connected under this project, but this comes with a responsibility to ensure that the LEC be allow to do the necessary things to ensure that electricity reach across the country.

He however, mentioned that in order  for LEC to extend, beneficiaries of electricity have to pay their bills.

The people of Peace Island will not have to pay for transformer, wire or poles, but will be provided by LEC. Accordingly, the arrival of electricity will erase darkness and lonely streets during the night hours  in the community.

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Speaking at the ceremony, Lauren Delahousse European Union Head of Delegation to Liberia EU member  stated that the EU is spending US$63 Million on the electricity program for the Monrovia consolidation of electricity to support the government of Liberia in its effort to provide electricity to all citizens.

He expressed EU concern on the urgency and need for all Liberians to become connected to the grid as soon as possible.

Ambassador Delahousse said, illegal electricity connection is not good for development. Stealing electricity is not only an offense punishable by law, it also puts danger to the lives of citizens so, it have to be paid for, so LEC can bring electricity to more people.

in another development, the government of Liberia has signed a US$42 Million rural electricity project with it’s partner and has appeal for road financing from the EU according to Finance Minister Samuel  Tweh.