Liberians Recollects Their Dead


Decoration Day as often is crammed with sorrow and contemplations, as several people memorialize their dead family members.

Liberians put in some time redecorating the graves of deceased family members by cutting down bush, polishing the headstone, painted their fallen relatives’ graves.

Some even performed rituals, were heard crying and singing, utter wise or famous saying as they got a good visual look at the final physical resting place of their love ones.

The situation was also awful as others could not locate the grave sites of their relatives due to overcrowdings of the cemetery, destruction of graves, or just forget the actual location.

Other used the day to trade labor for cash, entertain people, put up items for sale, while others find some time for good family reunion, trash out family differences and giggled.

But some people celebrated and appreciated their fallen ‘Heroes and Heroines’ for making them what they are today in society and vows to continue on a good path their deceased left them on and even improve more.

As for the Liberian government they renovated several historical sites and graves of fallen leaders in Liberia to memorialize those hero and heroines for their noble contribution to the country.

Historic areas renovated by the Liberian Government prior to the observance of Decoration Day were the J.J. Roberts monument up Ducor in Monrovia; the King Sao Boso Kamara burial site in Bopolu City, Gbapolu County and the Zolu Duma (aka King Peter) burial site in Logan Town, Bushrod Island amongst others.

Liberian leader George Weah on Decoration Day extended his utmost condolences and support to every family who must once again grapple with the sad reality that their loved ones have departed this world.

The President said, as his people remember those that are dead, they must not lose sight of the fact that the country they left honors their memories so much that a day was set aside by our forebears to pay them a tribute.

He called on Liberians visiting their relatives’ graves or memorial edifices to do so in peace and dignity.

Meanwhile, the National  Traditional Council leadership of Liberia headed by Chief Karwor visited Bopolu City, Gbarpolu County  and  memorialized  King Sao Boso as well as the Zolu Duma (King Peter) grave site in Logan Town, Montserrado County.

Additionally, a statement from the Information Ministry said, on Monday, March 15, 2021, the government of Liberia, in partnership with the J.J. Robert Educational Scholarship Foundation, will host a program commemorating the J.J. Roberts 212th birthday celebration.

The event is expected to take place at both the Monument site at Ducor and the United Methodist Church on Ashmun Street and will be attended by senior government officials.

The JJ Robert Education Foundation is  contributing to the educational drive of thousands of Liberians.

Other historical graves visited by top government officials were the graves of the late President William V.S. Tubman, at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion on Ashmun Street,   the grave of  the late President Daniel B. Warner on Warren Street, the Palm Grove Cemetery on Center Street to the graves of the late Presidents Joseph Jenkins Roberts and Williams R. Tolbert.

Decoration day  is in consonance with an Act of the Legislature, which was passed on October 24, 1916 declaring the Second Wednesday in March of each year as “Decoration Day” to be observed as a National Holiday.



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