Visually Impaired Individuals Receive Latrines From Humanitarian


 As part of efforts to improve the lives of person living with disabilities in the Bernard’s farm Community in Paynesville, the ‘Pauline and Andrew Tokpa initiative on April 9,2021 turned over a modern restroom facility to visually impaired individuals in the FDA Community.

The building according to Mr. Vesselee Tokpa, is meant to provide a decent and comfortable environment for persons with visual impairment in area.

Mr. Vessilee however, lauded the ‘Pauline and Andrew Tokpa initiatives for their continuous efforts to person living with disabilities in Liberia.

For his part, Justin Holder, President of the visually impaired Community in the Bernard’s farm, thank Mr & Mrs Tokpa for always thinking about person living with disabilities.

Justin noted that for too long they have struggled in getting a decent toilet facility for they and their children, and as such, the gesture was timely and necessary.

He is at the Same calling on humanitarian and well-meaning individuals to help support their kids medically and academically.



  1. It’s always useful to read such articles especially when you’re so distrustful as I am. From my own experience, there’s only one website whose authors I can believe – as for many years I’ve been following their advice and guides and I’ve never been misled.

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