BRAC-Liberia Provides Micro Loan to Women in Maryland County


A Micro loan program aimed at empowering businesswomen in Maryland County has been launched by BRAC Liberia, a Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee which is promoting Financial inclusion in the country.

The Microfinance loan scheme trained and provided cash between twenty to seventy thousand Liberian dollars to 15 selected women in the county for business  intent.

According to BRAC- Liberia CEO Khaled Morshed, the cash is to afford the beneficiary jump start their business activities and give them the opportunity to network with other business people.

BRAC- Liberia CEO Khaled Morshed

He said many women in Liberia, specifically in seven Counties can testify about BRAC- Liberia sustainable empowerment programs which is greatly making them self-reliance .

“Today we are here to ensure our women are empower and be able to sustain themselves while we also help in boosting the Country economy.”

According to Mr. Morshed, since BRAC came into the country they have invested about 10- million in the country and its people through its micro finance program.

Also in remarks at a special event for beneficiaries recently,  Central Bank of Liberia Assistant Director for Banking , Adbdullai Molley praised BRAC- Liberia for the initiative, while at the same time pointing out numerous efforts made by the entity since its inception.

Adbdullai Molley

“We are again today witnessing another historical event as you all know it is challenging to bring financial services in rural parts of Liberia because of the distance.”

He said BRAC-Liberia is immensely contributing to this country’s economy through partnership with the Central Bank and has perform best amongst the 17 Microfinance loan Companies operating in the country .

Mr. Molley however, pledged the Government of Liberia through the Central Bank  to Support effective and efficient financial situations in Liberia.

Also speaking a the micro finance program organized by BRAC-LIBERIA, Maryland County Superintendent George Prowd,  lauded the organization  for extension of their office and programs in Maryland County.

The Maryland County Superintendent cautioned women who for the first time benefited from BRAC-Liberia loan scheme to remain committed with the organization policy to allow others benefit.

“Let me be clear here that the launched of this Office and loan scheme is a major boost to our County business sector and meant to empower our Women. We are grateful to admit and we are here to encourage our women to take serious this opportunity, because many of your friends wanted to get similar opportunity but to no avail and we hope BRAC-Liberia  can look in their direction as well.”

Meanwhile BRAC- Liberia Office was officially dedicated in Harper Maryland as a means of allowing beneficiary of the organization loan scheme and other services get access to its operation. BRAC Liberia is the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee which is promoting Financial inclusion in Liberia.