Liberian GoL Says, Journalists Ought to Have Free Room to Wiggle; Reaffirms Free Press


The Liberian Government has reaffirmed its commitment to a free, independent and empowered media.

According to a release, government said, the press is indispensable to the wholesome-functioning democratic society that the George Weah administration aspires to nurture, for which it has continued to create the environment necessary for every journalist to work freely.

The government recognizes that the press ought to have a free room to wiggle, in order to stimulate public debate.

Journalists must be allowed to share information unhindered. The passage of the K. Abdullai Kamara Act was intended to achieve this objective.

This giant stride, which the government took early on, along with other actions, should serve to demonstrate the intent and desire of the Weah Administration to free speech and a free and pluralistic media.

The government will continue to devote itself to ebbing away at the challenges which pose barriers to newsmen and newswomen.

So as journalists observe this auspicious occasion, they should bear in mind that they have a partner in the Weah Administration upon whom that can rely.