Maryland: LNRCS Launches Blood Donation and Cancer Campaigns


The Liberia National Red Cross Society Maryland Chapter, has launched a blood donation campaign and is encouraging residents of the county to donate blood which will be process and given to people in need mainly during emergency situation.

The group is also checking individual blood pressure and examining people for possible signs of cancer.

Speaking during the launching ceremony LNRCS  Maryland Chapter Chairperson Emmanuel Chea said, the intent of the activities is to butters the efforts of the Ministry of Health in saving the lives of residents.

“We are today launching the 30 days cancer checking and blood donation campaign for our people.”

He said  too many people are afraid to visit the hospital because of reasons best known to themselves and so at times baby mothers suffered a lot from low blood and there is a need they get blood through donation.

He also said some people especially women are suffering from cancer but are reneging to visit the hospital to know their health status.

The launching which took place during the weekend brought together students, Government officials ,Civil Society organizations and Health Organizations amongst others as several residents of Maryland County appreciated the Liberia National Red Cross Society Maryland Chapter for the initiative.

Meanwhile, during the launched several students from several institutions pledge their unflinching support to volunteering at the Liberia National Red Cross Society Maryland Chapter during the Campaign while stating that the Campaign will save the lives of many residents and prevent them from cancer.


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