Ganta City Mayor Bows To Citizens Pressure, Refits Dismantled Parts Of Historic War Tank


The Lord Mayor of the City of Ganta Amos N. G. Suah, on Tuesday, May 11, succumbed to pressure from citizens and immediately began to refit dismantled parts of iconic amour carrier (Mowhy) parked at the Camp Charlie Compound in Ganta.

On Monday, May 10, the Superintendent of Nimba, Nelson Korquoi and Mayor Suah ordered the scribing of the historic war tank at the Civil compound in the City.

But, while the Sheriff Strip Company were carrying on the stripping exercise, some citizens aggrieved by the two County and City officials directives stormed the grounds of the Civil compound and obstructed the process.

Additionally, a group of young people on Tuesday, interrupted normal operations at the offices of the Gompa City Council, as they demanded the Mayor to reinstall the extracted parts of the old metal.

They argued that the tank is a historic symbol for them [citizens] as well as their unborn children who were not alive during the long lasting 14 years civil war and can also be used to served tourism purposes for people visiting the City for the first time and can not be considered as any ordinary old iron or strip.

Owing to the uncompromising and non-stop pressure from the young people, the Mayor finally consented the plights of the people and give in to their demands by immediately reordering that those parts of the heavy-duty war machine that were dismantled be

“I’ve called my men to come and put it (the tank) back together, every part of the tank that was cut will be put back together.
I’m working for the young and anything the young people say, I’ll listen.

This thing need to be here so our children can see it, so let me tell the young people thanks for their efforts. We’ll put it together back.”
Mayor Suah asserted as he addressed the young people in Ganta on Tuesday afternoon.

According to information gathered orally, the old war tank was placed at the Camp Charlie [a former Army barrack] following the first half of the nearly two decades Liberian Civil unrest somewhere in the 90s symbolizing how the country was broken apart during the bloody war.

With this in mind, the citizens believe that the presence of the old war machine has a lot of historical lessons to teach Liberians about the dark past every time they see the amour carrier, therefore, it should not be tempered with or be used as strips.