A local non-governmental organization , Urmonae Health Liberia has embarked on a campaign to improve adolescent reproductive and sexual health in the country while addressing menstrual health, menstrual hygiene management and the stigma around it.

Stepping outside of the norm this year, Urmonae Health Liberia has launched what it calls  Boys or  men4menstruation campaign to commemorate World Menstrual hygiene management Day.

Their goal with this campaign is to include boys and men in the conversation around menstruation according to organizers.

“Our aim is to give boys and men the knowledge and tools they need in creating a positive and healthy environment for girls and women while on their period” Fenny Louis Taylor, Urmonae’ Executive Director noted.

she said they believe that boys and men have a role in ensuring that girl and woman have a positive and healthy period experience, there will be the sale of T-shirts to raise funds.

Fenny Louis Taylor, Urmonae’ Executive Director

Urmonae’ Executive Director noted that their health group will have series of events for boys and men (fathers, religious and community Male leaders) where they will be educated on menstruation 101, their role in ensuring a positive and healthy environment, sanitary pad distribution amongst others.

According to Urmonae, there will be fund rising to sustain pads in bathroom campaign, where they will provide public schools with sanitary pads for the entire school year and transform their bathrooms into a period friendly box.

The organization currently works with five schools in Montserrado country and are delivering a comprehensive reproductive and sexual health education to their adolescents and supply to those schools with sanitary pads for the entire school year to enable girls manage their menstruation at school and live uninterrupted lives at school.

some Schools benefiting includes, Banjor Central High school., Koons Town Public Schoo, Group of 77 school, Lucy B. Memorial School and Carysburg Public School.


The NGO also transform those schools’ bathroom to period friendly ones by installing a pad box in their bathrooms and improving WASH.

Pad Box

In February, Urmonae Health Liberia with support from DKT Liberia and other partners hosted and organized Liberia’s first ever Sex Education fair, where adolescents from five schools in Monrovia where thought on six reproductive and sexual health topics (menstruation, STI/STD, contraceptive and vasectomy, relationship, HIV.AID, reproductive health rights).