Margibi: Paramount Chiefs Order Seizure Over Disputed Land


To avoid Land conflict between two indigenous Citizens of Larkay-ta Township in Margibi County, Chief Fahn G. Leepolue of Kakata Chiefdom has with immediate effect ordered two  Town chiefs in Waymahquelleh clan to seize control and monitor the activities over a disputed parcel of Land near Sackie Gbonmon-Ta Community.

The decision was reached after a ruling by the chiefs and elders into the case involving William Gbonmon and Thomas Dillion over a parcel of land lying across the Waymah River in Larkay-ta Township.

However, at the end of a join stakeholders’ dialogue discussion that favor Thomas Dillion the other party to the disputed land William Gbonmon rejected the decision of the chiefs and elders in the Land case.

It can be recalled on several occasions Clan Chief of Womekulleh Clan Mr. Edwin K. Naimah, Kakata City Mayor Hon. Emmanuel M. Goll Sr. along with two other general Town chiefs, Alfred S. Cooper and Joseph Karlekehtee including elders of the area convened inquiry into the case using the alternative dispute resolution mechanism to mitigate the matter but to no avail on grounds that the Gbonmon’s were allegedly demanding legitimate claim over the disputed parcel of Land.

Clan Chief Edwin Naimah and local leaders of the community could not hold back but to rather invite the Chiefdom’s Paramount Chief, Fahn G. Leepolue, based on the constant complaints filed to his office by the two individuals, Thomas Dillion and William Gbonmon on allegations of Land encroachment.

As part of their efforts into mitigating the dispute, most especially using the basic principles of the alternative Land dispute resolution mechanism in accordance with the Land Rights Act, Hon. Fahn G.Leepolue, Edwin K Naimah and his two deputies, Alfred S. Cooper and Joseph Karleketee were amongst the gathering of Chiefs and Elders quorum that presided over the case on Saturday.

In the judgement, Thomas Dillion and family were favor based on what was described as a fact finding assessment conducted by the chiefs and elders on the disputed parcel of Land in the area.

In his concluding statement, Mr. Naimah posted a question to William Gbonmon and Thomas Dillion.

“To you both, will you agree and be satisfied with the decision we are about to render into this case based on our findings as chiefs and elders”? “Yes we will” the Dillion and Gbonmon’s answer.

Meanwhile, upon reading the ruling established by the Chiefs and Elders in favor of Thomas Dillion, Mr. William Gbonmon and family could not holdback their peace but to immediately announced a move to the Court on grounds that the Land belongs to them.

As part of the investigation, it was also established by the elders of the area that Sackie Gbonmon, the former Paramount Chief of KAKATA Chiefdom and the Dillion had since lived together in the same area with no trace of Land dispute between the two except for their grand children who are now fighting over the said parcel of Land.

The alternative Land dispute dialogue discussion was held on Saturday May 15 under the Sackie GbonmonTa palaver hut in Kakata City Margibi County.