Margibi : MCHT Ends Media Engagement Forum


An official of Margibi County Health Team, D. Habakkuk Kollie, is encouraging journalists to continue using their media entities to properly educate and maintain the campaign on Malaria because it is dangerous to society.

Mr. Kollie who is also the focus person of the National Malaria Control Program in the county said, such campaign will show people simple steps to prevent malaria and properly use the protective medicated nets.

Speaking at a day long media engagement forum with media practitioners in the County at the government run health facilities  C.H. Rennie hospital, the health expert begged journalists to properly educate the public on the usage of the mosquito nets and collaborate with the health team.

He said they have seeing some people who were provided free nets to protect their families from mosquito diverting the nets into fishing and using it to shower, stressing to journalists that one of the issues that the Country has been faced with is the improper use of the net.

The Health expert also said, they will shortly distribute mosquito nets in the county and called on the media to help in educating the people on the proper usage of the nets .

“We want to make sure that every household in the County is registered ahead of the distribution” he indicated.

The MCHT malaria focal person asserted that malaria is endemic in Liberia as 4.9m people in the Country are affected with it.

“So, like I said again, malaria is endemic, we know everybody here one way or the other had come down with malaria and then had received some level of treatment. But this time around we are not looking at treatment, we are looking at how well we can prevent malaria in the population and one of the best ways to prevent malaria is through the usage of the mosquito net.” he narrated.

Mr. Kollie said the team will do follow-up as to the rational usage of the nets that will be distributed.

He at the same time informed the media that the Health team embarked on household registration and issuance of vouchers (tickets) in Margibi since May 15, 2021 and is expected to end on May 25, 2021.

Mr. Kollie said the vouchers issued to the head of every household will be taken to the distribution sites at which time nets will be issued to the bearers of those vouchers adding, ‘no voucher, no net’.

According to him, the Health Team does not want any household to be left out of the process.

He then revealed that every voucher has a stipulated distribution date on it noting that distribution starts from June 9th to June 19, 2021.

Habakkuk Kollie encouraged every citizen to take advantage of the process to prevent themselves from getting malaria. Meanwhile, media practitioners who attended the forum thanked the County Health Team for the initiative and at the same time committed themselves to disseminating the needed information on their various radio programs.



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