John Ballout on Campaign for Substance Abuser Rehabilitation Centers


Defeated Candidate in the just ended Senatorial Elections in Maryland County John Ballout, is calling for the construction of narcotic drugs rehabilitation centers across Liberia.

Mr.  Ballout said, almost 80% of the youthful population are living on drugs and it is not healthy for under developed country like Liberia. “If Liberia should remain developed there’s a need for the support of every citizen”.

He believes that the construction of rehabilitation centers across Liberia for substance abuser will help combat the intake of illegal and illicit drugs and give abusers a second chance to recognizing their lives and contribute positively to their family and country at large.

“See how many youths are taking in drugs these days and we Liberians are not thinking about building rehabilitation Centers around, even the opposition and non-position are not doing well for this Country.”

He believes that violence, protest, and destruction of several government, business and private facilities are due to people taking in huge quantity of drugs and turning out to be violent.

It can be recalled that the former Senator of Maryland County and a defeated candidate in the December 2020 special senatorial elections vowed during his campaign to make Maryland county drugs free and build a drugs rehabilitation Center upon been elected.

Despite not re-elected. Mr. Ballout  stated that he had launched a campaign aimed at shifting the minds of Liberians from politics to development; while mentioning that there is a need to get the involvement of all citizens in nation building.

He stated that as a means of building Liberia, citizens should checkmate their government officials on how the country resources is spent and how it’s spending benefits Liberia.

“Over the past we have witness lot of resources been spent during our regime and even this regime, we think we as citizens supposed to really keep our eyes on how monies and our resources is spent and how their spending is positively contributing to Liberia.”

Meanwhile Mr.  Ballout is currently holding meetings with students, civil society organizations and other  Liberians aimed at enabling the lunched of a campaign to ensure the construction of drugs rehabilitation Centers across Liberia.