President Weah Accepts Cummings’ COVID Fight; Hopes it has no Political Undertone


President George Weah has accepted ANC Political Leader and a member and former chairman of Collaborating Political Party (CPP) Alexander Cummings offer to provide help in fighting COVID-19 in Liberia.

President Weah commended the ANC leader for such an offer noting such is what a good citizen should do.

“The coronavirus is very serious, Liberians are losing their lives every day to the pandemic. During a national crisis of this nature and magnitude, all hands of good citizens, void of political affiliation, are required on deck,” President Weah noted.

The Liberian Leader said, he was also involved in fighting the deadly EBOLA during the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf administration, and his participation was for the good of Liberians.

According to him, Mr. Cummings contribution or option to help is welcome if it is not a political undertone, it will help update the health system and find a lasting way to heal the health crises.

Mr. Cummings pronouncement came as a way to work in the interest of the Liberia people by  working with the Weah led government in fighting the deadly coronavirus.

The ANC political leader is currently in the United States of America engaging and discussing with partners concerning the health situation and health infrastructures and types of equipment in the country.

“I offer to work with the government in whatsoever way I can to help us all out of this situation. Cummings Africa Foundation is open to working with authorities of the Ministry of Health to identify some of the urgent gaps in the ministry so as to come in with quick intervention” Mr. Cummings noted.

The former chairman of the four Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) made numerous recommendations to the Weah government; set up a hotline where people who have families or friends with severe symptoms of COVID can call for help and be linked to the nearest isolation or health care center, work with community leaders and community-based organizations to create awareness and help with enforcement of government new regulations instead of security forces, recast the budget to provide funding for the purchase of beds, PPEs, masks, vaccines, ventilators, oxygen, and massive awareness.

Solicit additional support from Liberians in the diaspora and the donor community, increase the hazard pay of existing health workers and employ more health workers and contact tracers, immediately close all schools and ensure the completion of the semester from home, pending the end of the crisis.