Stephen Tengbeh Provides Safe Drinking Water for Goukoulshua Residents


A hand pump has been turned over to residents Of Goukoulshua in Margibi county by a Liberian based in the USA Stephen Tengbeh to ease the difficulties residents are facing in fetching safe drinking water.

According to Mr. Tengbeh he was move after reading and listening to a story published by KMTV about the awful save drinking water condition in the area .

He said it was his own way of easing the difficulties residents are facing mainly during the rainy season.

Mr. Stephen Tengbeh promised his continue efforts back home when he spoke via mobile to residents of the town during the formal turning over ceremony in Margibi County.

He assured them of his continue humanitarian assistance to those living in Margibi and other part of the country.

The US based Liberian said, his contribution to Liberia is not meant for any political motive, but his own way of identifying with people he lift back home.

“I want to make this very clear that our contributions back home are not based on political motive and we don’t have any intend of contesting in Margibi and Liberia at large, but our intent is to give back to our people because there where we came from” Stephen added.

It can be recalled months ago, citizens of the town pleaded to citizens living in Liberia and abroad on an article published by KMTV for the provision of safe drinking water leading to the contribution of a hand pump provided by Mr. Stephen after reading the article.

Beaming with smile, several residents of nearby towns and villages are commending Mr. Tengbeh for his contributions in the area.

The General Town Chief of Goushoukile,  Moses Kollie said, before the construction of the hand pump in the town, over 200 inhabitants suffered from safe drinking water as they were drinking from creeks.

He said the construction of the pump by Mr. Tengbeh is welcoming especially doing the raining season.

“We want to say a big thank you to Stephen in the United States for his contributions by constructing our hand pump, he has save lives for the fact that we as citizens of this town were really dying from running stomach.”

Meanwhile, KMTV reporter Abraham K. Kollie doing the turning over ceremony on Monday praised the management of KMTV for affording him the opportunity of telling the untold stories of people in rural Liberia who are living in poverty and lacking basis social services.

Kollie further expressed gratitude to Mr. Stephen Tengbeh for the confidence reposed in him to carry out the project in the village as over 500 inhabitants are joyously benefiting from safe drinking water.

Journalist Kollie further pledged his commitment to amplifying the voice to the voiceless in Margibi and its environs.

“For and on behalf of the management of KMTV Liberia, we want to officially dedicate this hand pump to you the residents of this town, and the management want to express gratitude to Mr. Stephen Tengbeh.” Kollie stated.