Who Forced PYJ Resignation from Senate Security Committee?


Senator Prince Y. Johnson has astonishingly submitted a resignation letter to the Liberian Senate Plenary surrendering the chairmanship position of the Committee on National Defense, Security, Intelligence and Veterans Affairs.

In the Senator communication to Plenary of the Liberian Senate on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, Senator Prince Johnson said, his decision is triggered by recommendations from respected officials of his beloved county.

The two times voted for Lawmaker narrated that on several occasion some high profile chiefs and elders of Nimba County visited him and offer wisdom comments to stepdown.

He also said, stakeholders and executives of his political party had meetings with him to consider resigning his role in the Senate as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Defense, Security, Intelligence and Veteran Affairs.

The request from the elders, political party according to Senator Johnson is considerable to him, thereby honoring their recommendations.

It can be recalled that the Nimba County political steward won on white ballot at the Senate special election thus leading to the position of Chairman of the committee on National Defense, Security, and Veteran Affairs at the Liberian Senate.

The position was relinquished at the eleventh hour by a contender Senator Steven Zargo of Lofa County which led to Senator Prince Johnson wining on white ballot during the Plenary leadership elections.

Meanwhile, the President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate Albert T. Chie, has acknowledged the communication from his colleague Prince Johnson.

Pro Tempore Chie has with immediate effect appointed Lofa County Senator Stephen J. H. Zargo to act as Chair of the Defense, Security, Intelligence and Veterans Affairs Committee pending the election of the Chairman by Plenary.

At the same time, Pro Tempore Chie has also appointed Nimba County Senator Jeremiah Koung as Co-Chair on the Defense, Security, Intelligence and Veterans Committee while outgoing Chairman on the Senate Defense Committee, Senator Prince Johnson has also been appointed to the Ways, Means, Finance and Budget Committee as a member.

Recently the Liberian Senate was condemned for electing Senator Johnson  to such position by the US government through its embassy near Monrovia .

The embassy wrote: “The U.S. Embassy strongly condemns the election yesterday of notorious warlord Prince Y. Johnson as Chair of the Liberian Senate Committee on Defense and Intelligence.  Senator Johnson’s gross human rights violations during Liberia’s civil wars are well-documented; his continued efforts to protect himself from accountability, enrich his own coffers and sow division are also well known.

That the Liberian Senate would see fit to elevate him to a leadership role – particularly in the area in which he has done this country the most harm – creates doubts as to the seriousness of the Senate as a steward of Liberia’s defense and security.” The statement noted.