Rep. Goshua  Pushes for Non-billable Drugs Laws in Liberia


Bill to penalize drug dealers and make such crimes non-billable offences has been Unanimously forwarded to committee room at the house of Representatives.

The bill crafted in 2018 by Representative Thomas Alexander Goshua , of Grand Bassa District #5 amended certain portions of chapter 14 of the drugs and substance Law of Liberia.

Plenary reached the decision to send the proposed bill to committee rooms after a heated debate during Tuesday’s session in response to the communication written by the Lawmaker, highlighting the increase of illicit drug trafficking and consumption by individuals.

The bill which has already been co-signed by about 25-Representatives calling for prompt amendment in the drugs law, was sent to the committees on Judiciary, National Security, Health and Gender for proper scrutiny with a mandate to report to plenary within two weeks.

The bill entitled “an act to amend chapter 14 of the drug and substance Law of Liberia” under the title “offenses involving danger to a person”, by adding thereto subchapter “E” of the amended act of 2014.

The district # 5 lawmaker argures, the drug laws should be amended to a non-billable offense to buttress the fight because the law which is billable impedes the fight against drugs by the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency and other partners.

Representative Goshua in his communication said, if the current law is amended and successfully passed at the Lower House, it will be sent to the House of Senate for concurrence.

The law which aims to provide five years punishment for drug users and dealers once the upper House agrees and passes it, signed, and printed into hand bills by the President, it will help to reduce illicit drug trafficking across Liberia.

The Lawmaker told his colleagues during plenary session that thought the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) are doing extremely well to apprehend both drugs’ importers and users but the billable part of it, has allowed drugs dealer and users to walk out of the court without proper trial and later set free.

He added that the weakness of the Liberian drugs law has undermined the brighter future of several youthful Liberians across the nation.

He specified in his communication that their actions as legislators are intended to address the growing public outcry by citizens concerning the importation, sale and consumption of illicit drugs in their respective counties .

According to him, if the law is hopefully passed, it will be used as a sharp instrument to discipline those who are importing, dealing and retailing drugs in Liberia.

“Our actions today sought to address the growing public outcry by our citizens to find a remedy to the public Health Law manace” he added.

Recently, Representative Thomas Alexander Goshua amongst other Lawmakers was honored and named ambassador for his consistent stance against the fight of illicit drugs in Liberia.

On March 3, 2021, the Armed Forces of Liberia Chief of Staff, Major / General Prince C. Johnson recommended that all public officials before taking office should undergo illicit drugs tests as another form of fighting against harmful practices in society.

Days back, Liberia joined hands with other countries around the globe to celebrate and carried out anti drugs awareness to discourage the sale and consumption of narcotic substances.