Margibi: Markerters to Abandon Newly Renovated Market Building If…


Some market women in Kakata City, Margibi County have threatened to abandone the newly renovated Kakata general market located in Lango Town should Representative Ellen A. Attoh Wreh reconstruct a market building recently demolished by the City Mayor of Kakata, Emmanuel M. Goll.

Years ago the husband of Rep. Wreh, Prince Anything-Wreh constructed the hierarchy at the back of the headquarters of the Liberia National Police Margibi detachment to adapt market women who were selling in the open.

Since its construction, the facility has been used by the market women, but the number increased thus giving rise to others selling along the road leading to the Charles Henry Rennie Hospital and 26th gate respectively; but it was demolished by Mayor Goll on Saturday, July 31, 2021 on grounds that the lives of the women were at risk.

This led to the women seeking the intervention of Representarive Wreh and subsequently marching to the offices of the County Superintendent on Monday, August 2, 2021 to seek redress.

Following more than 4hrs of close door meeting on Monday, Representative Wreh along with the Kakata City Mayor, Representative of the Liberia Marketing Association, the County Superintendent and other local officials toured the different markets.

During their first stop at the “Police Station Market”, Rep. Wreh informed the market women that their demolished structure will be rebuilt but with caveat.

She told them that there should be a reduction in the number of persons in the area to avoid them from selling along the road while those who moved to other markets following the demolition of the structure should return as others will be sent to the general market and the Vai Town market something that was welcomed by the women.

But the story changed in the Kakata general market when several market women in the area threatened to move into the streets and sell their goods and to also stage a protest if their colleagues remain at the back of the Police Station.

Some of the market women speaking to KMTV in an angry tones on Monday, said allowing their colleagues to remind in the area will undermine their businesses as their goods will not be purchased.

They said, already people are not buying their goods because their colleagues intercept the buyers along the way.

The women at the same time lauded the Mayor for his action stating that it is in the interest of everyone, thereby calling on Hon. Attoh to take the project she intends to implement at the back of the police station to the Kakata general market.

According to them, the facility will accommodate everyone including those that are behind the police station and in the streets.

One of the women identified as Abigail Johnson said the Kakata general market is spacious enough to accommodate everyone and as such, the Lawmaker should abandone her plan of rebuilding the demolished structure.

“We vote Ellen Attoh but now she now carry the market over there, the market empty, we need more seller to come in the market so the market can be park let they buy from people.

Everybody can fit here, space outside if you think I lying go check outside space outside, our pa did well he want for the market to be park; space here” Abigail Johnson lamented.

Madam Johnson who sells cook food commonly known as cook bowl said people do not transact business with her because there are many of her colleagues (food sellers) all in the streets selling.

Another business woman known as Krubah Jackson said, they have to move to the street at night with their goods before transacting business.

“When we not move from here in the night, we put our load on our head we go way in the street we can’t get five dollar to eat, our market will leave wasting here until in the night we take it and carry it on the road; because they behind the Police Station they can’t buy here so everybody mo come here”.

“I like the way the Mayor taking it let everybody come sit down here, we not agree let her come build it here, if she build that market we will go in the street” she continued.

Dormowah Kollie, another aggrieved business woman said she’s in support of the Mayor’s decision to demolish the facility on grounds that the general market needs not to be empty.

“The people leave the market and go on the street to go sell, it make it people can’t enter here to buy from us but then we get more space here, we get the space here for them but they said that they want leave behind there but we will not agree, when they leave behind there we will go block the street and we sell there too” she expressed.

The Kakata general market was renovated by the Bong Infrastructure Limited owned by Bong County former Senator Henry W. Yallah which was contracted by the Ministry of Agriculture through the Smallholder Agricultural Pro


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