Representative Johnson Gwaikolo of Nimba County District number 9 has called on the Weah government through the appropriate authorities, including the Ministry of Health, the National Commission on Higher Education, and the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery to take a Critical Look at the creation of Nursing and Laboratory Schools in Liberia.
He made the remark at the official launch of the Liberian Board for Nursing and Midwifery Digital Online Examination System On Friday, September 17th, 2021 in Monrovia. Rep. Gwaikolo, Commended the LBNM Board and their partners for sharing the idea with Liberia. “I will like to thank you LBNM and your Partners, especially Ghana for bringing this technology to Liberia for us to take ownership and advanced it. Because to have a vibrant and Sustainable Health Care System in any nation, there is the need to have appropriate education and technology. When you are not Properly Prepare, it causes deficiency in managing the Health Care System”, Hon. Gwaikolo alarmed.
Hon. Gwaikolo said the lack of technology education and usage in the country is the cause of the death of those on the ship reroute to administer the WASSCE exam in the South Eastern. He noted that the initiative will reduce cost and the accessibility of the will be easier. The Nimba County Lawmaker said, with this technology, one can sit any part of Liberia and the world and administer exams.
The statesman challenged the Weah government that, it is now time that it developed the political will to close some schools down because, they are not up to standard and in the end, they put out unqualified nurses and laboratory technicians. According to him, it is better to have few schools that are of high quality than to have Multiple Schools that cannot deliver.
“Education is not about politics, it is not about political strength but rather, professional expertise. I will say that the Honorable House of Representatives will stand by you, work along with you to Screen Line our own Health Care Delivery Program in Liberia”, Hon. Gwaikolo assured LBNM.