Nimba County: 14-Year-Old Teenager Allegedly Shots Man, 35, Dead Leaving one Other Severely Injured


Saclepea, Nimba County____ (Wednesday, September 29, 2021 ) A teenage boy identified as Isaiah Wright, believed to be just 14 years of age has allegedly gunned down Nelson Teemahn, a 35-year-old man in Gbanlah Town, Nimba County.

The devastating incidence leading to the untimely demise of 35-year-old Teemahn occurred on Tuesday evening, 28 September as a result of singlebarrolle gun fired by the teenager.

It is yet unclear whether the incidence was intentional or accidentally carried out by the lad as alleged.

Shots from the single barell gun at the same time affected 9-year-old Titus Wright, brother of the accused perpetrator leaving him severely wounded.

The fatal incidence happened at the farm of Dakosah Wright, father of the 14-year-old Isaiah Wright.

Mr. Wright, who is a hunter, is said to have handed his hunting gun to his son while at his farm where the victim and others have gone to work with their working group (crew).

Explanation from residents of the Town has it that, the hunter came from the bush from his usual hunting expedition on the day of the incidence and give out his gun to his little son so that he could take it to the Town for him in the midst of people who had gone on their [hunter Dakosah] farm for work including the victim.

While taking his father weapon to Town, Isaiah is said to have fired directly at the victim with shots further hitting his younger brother as well.

Victim Nelson Teemahn died instantly as a result of the alleged gun shot.

According to the Town Chief of Gbanlah Town, Mr. Austin Myers explaining the situation to Journalist Christopher Fahn of Nimba TV subsequently following the incidence revealed that, the matter has since been brought to the attention of the Liberia National Police department in Saclepea.

Chief Myers speaking further expressed a serious shock and disappointment over the situation, but blamed Mr. Dakosah Wright, father of the teenager for carelessly handing a gun loaded with rounds to such a child.

“You know, I’m very surprised and frustrated over this situation, but I blame Dakosah Wright who took a gun loaded with shots and give it to child to carry in town for him.” The town chief lamented.

Both the alleged perpetrator and his father have since been handed over to police in Saclepea for further investigation, according to the town chief.

Meanwhile, the other wounded victim who is a sibling of the accused has since been forwarded to the Ganta United Methodist Hospital in Ganta, and is presently undergoing intensive treatment.

He was firstly taken to the Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center in Saclepea City, but was immediately referred to the Methodist Hospital in Ganta for proper medical treatment due to the severity of his condition.

The town leader also revealed that it is the second time that incidence involving some shooting at another person is being recorded in Gbanlah Town. The first was in 2006.

Gbanlah is a small town that is just a short distant away from Saclepea City, in central Nimba County.