Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP) in partnership with UNICEF-Liberia and the Ministry of Health has launched the covid-19 vaccine Prevention Community Engagement and Outreach Intervention in three counties (Montserrado, Bomi, and Margibi Counties). The official launch was held on October 4, 2021, in Monrovia.

Giving the overview of the program, LCP Executive Director Amb. Juli Endee said her institution signed an agreement with UNICEF to get into community engagement, educating folks in the communities on the importance of taking the covid-19 vaccine.
She noted that the outreach that is to begin in the three counties is to encourage Liberians to go and take the vaccines in order to prevent the spare of the deadly virus. Amb. Endee promised that her team is ready and will execute the task to the fullest. “WE ARE READY TO MOVE INTO THE COMMUNITIES. The Traditional Queen encourage all within the borders of Liberia to observe all health protocols noting, it is very important for all in Liberia.

Making a special remark at the launch, UNICEF Deputy Representative Amadu Cisse thanked the LCP for the partnership and the Liberian Government for the level of momentum in promoting the vaccines in the country. He encouraged all Liberians and those within the borders of Liberia to take the vaccine for the safety of all.
The covid-19 vaccine Prevention Community Engagement and Outreach Intervention in the three counties is sponsor by UNICEF.

Representing the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Pillar Lead, Risk Community, Mr. Chester Smith thanked UNICEF for its support to the health sector. He said the continued advertisement and awareness of wearing the nose mask has reduced the covid-19 cases in the country. Mr. Smith expressed that the continued engagement has also reduced the cases in Liberia to 6 cases. According to him, more J&J vaccines are expected in the country including fiscal vaccines.

Chief launcher of the outreach Hon. Florence Brandy, superintendent of Montserrado County expressed that the vaccine is good, and informed her audience that she has also taken the vaccine. According to her, there will be a time where no one will be allowed to travel without the vaccination certificate. Hon. Brandy noted that the National County Sports Meet is approaching and the sports committee will ensure that if one is not vaccinated, such individual will not be allowed to enter the stadium.

She added that if at least 30% of Liberians can take the vaccine, it will prevent the virus from spreading, and noted that working with the traditional leaders, community leaders and chiefs will help preach the good news of taking the vaccines. “A VACCINATED NATION IS A SAVE NATION”, she assured Liberians. Superintendent Brandy at the same time encouraged the media to do more in promoting the vaccines. She on behalf of the government thanked UNICEF, LCP, and the Ministry of Health for the partnership to encourage Liberians and people living in Liberia to take the covid-19 vaccine. “GO OUT AND BE VACCINATED” she encouraged all. The Montserrado County Head thanked all health workers and the MOH for their continued support to the health sector, especially during this pandemic.

The National Governor Council and the Council of Chiefs and Elders also committed to preaching the good message of taking the vaccines within their respective communities. They expressed that the delay in taking the vaccine was due to discouraging information concerning the vaccine. According to them, it is now clear that the vaccine is not harmful but rather helpful for all. They thanked UNICEF and LCP for recognizing them as partners in information dissemination.
The Covid-19 Prevention Community Engagement and Outreach Intervention in Montserrado, Bomi, and Margibi Counties is expected to kick start tomorrow October 5, 2021.