The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) through its Executive Chairperson Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin has congratulated and thanked young Emmanuel Tuloe for demonstrating what a good citizen is out to do and has proven himself to be a role model in Liberian society. According to Cllr. Martin, his institution, and other stakeholder institutions will collaborate to incorporate young Tuloe in the fight against corruption and structure of integrity amongst the youth in Liberia.
The Anti-Corruption Boss said Mr. Tuloe’s act strongly supports the LACC and conforms to LACC students integrity program for building a future of discipline public servants. According to the LACC, a team from the institution will be meeting with the integrity icon and his family to express their appreciation for his level of honesty.

It can be recalled on October 10, 2021, a motorcyclist in Tappita Lower Nimba County Emmanuel Tuloe found a missing bag containing USD$50,000 and LRD$100,000 along the Tappita highway. The said money bag which belongs to Madam Musue Yancy, a top businesswoman in Tappita, was reported to have dropped off the vehicle. While listening to a radio announcement of the said missing bag, the integrity man reported himself with the bag to the radio station with the full amount. According to reports, the owner was quickly called upon and handed the bag to her.

Confirming the full amount in it, Madam Musue rewarded young Tuloe with an amount of USD$1,500 for his sincerity. It is believed that the Liberian society is full of too many insincere and corrupt people, but Emmanuel Tuloe has disproved that there are Liberians who still uphold sincerity as a principle. While many praise Mr. Tuloe for his high level of sincerity displayed, others believed he returned the bag fear of witch-hunting. There is also speculation that Liberia President George Weah is also planning to meet the struggling motorcyclist who has made Liberia proud. The action of motorcyclist Emmanuel has taken over social media and others are proposing that young Emmanuel be taken out of the country for special integrity study to contribute more to Liberian society.