Pres. Weah encourage World Leaders to focus on Africa


Liberian president George Weah has called on world leaders to use this year’s theme at the Paris Peace Forum to remind themselves of the collective responsibilities and the role they should play in looking ahead beyond the pandemic and find global solutions that are sustainable, equitable and inclusive. The theme for this year forum is Mind the Gaps, “Improving Global Governance in Times of COVID-19”.

President Weah said, they as world leaders have seen the highlighted in their recent experience of the Vaccine production and distribution. He further/noted that there has been an uneven and unbalanced global financial response to post pandemic economic recovery.

The Liberian mentioned that the most urgent and present reforms are require in the areas of international financing inclusion. He added that there are often slow responses to the existing realities and inadequate focus on Africa, adding that there is also a need to develop new institutions that will be more adaptable and flexible in dealing with challenges income disparity between develop and developing countries.



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