Liberia’s Draft Budget Climbs More than 700M, as President Weah Summits to Senate.


The President of Liberia George Weah has summited the first fiscal year draft national budget to the senate considering health and education as top propriety areas.

The Budget is drafted at seven Hundred Eighty-Five Million, Five Hundred Eighty-Seven Thousand, Three Hundred Forty United States Dollars (785,587,340).

Fiscally, the Draft National Budget is a financial document that is prepared by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to carry out government operations in Liberia.

According to the communication from the Liberian Leader, the Draft National Budget 2022 top priority areas captured Health with the amount of US$83,193,300 while education amounts for US$87,896,824.

The 2022 budget captures other propriety sectors to include Public Administration with an amount of US$242, 623,878, Infrastructure & Basic Services: US$ 42,484,608 as well as containing Energy & Environmental for US$18,913,902, Security and rule of law: US$92,394,339, and Transparency & Accountability: US$29,115,887.

The President’s communication to the senate also captured Municipal Government with US$25,482,002, as allocation while, Agriculture amounts for US$5,274,754 Social Development Services has US$9,513,676 among others.

If confirmed by the legislature, it will be the first of its kind for the Government of Liberia to submit a budget of over 700M postwar Liberia.

The Liberian Senate has at the same time mandated its committee on public accounts and expenditure to carefully scrutinize the draft budget before passage.

The budget which was read in the Senate Plenary on Thursday, November 18, 2021, is the financial instrument for the yearly operations of the Government of Liberia from January to December.

It can be recalled that the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) launched the new budget year which begins January to December.

The launching program was held at the Ministerial Complex in 2021.

In January of 2022, Liberia will join her international counterparts in having a national fiscal budget that runs from January to December.


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