3.8M Gobachup Market Modern Project to Kick-Up Soon


Marketers of the general market in Paynesville and surrounding areas are expected to have a great relief in terms of conducive business environment shortly.

Indeed this is so much so when the Executive Director of the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment Pepci Quiwu Yeke confirmed a 3.8m funding for the construction of the Gobachup Market project which has already been received.
The proposed site situated in the Omega Community on a 5 acres of land will shortly see a modern market structure for the use of Local business people in general.

According to the LACE boss two out of the five acres of the land will be used directly to build the general market which will have other modern facilities including a one hundred parking lot facility, modern toilet facilities,water/ resevior amongst others.
He said the project is also in fulfillment of government’s Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development mainly to put smiles on the faces of the ordinary people and to as well lift them out of their current condition by giving them a bigger hope and opportunity to see and desire life in a bigger picture.

Mr. Yeke added that LACE is committed to fully and in a reliable manner implement government related projects in a drive to see the Country transform very fast especially in the area of infrastructure development.

Due to the importance government attaches to the project Mr. Yeke said it will be completed in a period of eleven months.
At the end of the completion of the new general market it is expected that the issue of overcrowdingness and other challenges the marketers currently faced with will be of history .