4th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Calls for Due Process as Court Opens for  May Term


Maryland County assigned Judge at the 4th Judicial Circuit Court,  Geeplah Tikolo Konton, is calling on legal actors to base their judgement of cases on due process aimed at enabling fair Judgement during hearings.

During the deliberation of his charge, the Court Judge quoted Article 21 of the Liberian Constitution as a center peace to due process of law.

Judge Konto indicated that it is also important for Community dwellers to draw the attention of Justice actors to offensive in their respective Communities instead of compromising the law.

“We all here know that due process is very important to our judiciary system and you as communities dwellers, it behold us the responsibility to help the Court in comparing it to adhere to due process.”

The legal minded council wants party legitimate confront each other in line with the due process .

He mentioned that if cases are compromise by others in Communities it undermine the due process and as such people feel dissatisfy and feel they aren’t giving Justice.

“If cases are compromise in Communities it actually undermine the due process of the law and at the end of the day you are the same people who tell us you were not treated well in your cases during hearing. We should not compromise cases in our Communities because if we do at times those same cases turn around and come back to the court which is at times bad for us.”

He however use the occasion to called on the Liberia National Police to ensure proper investigation is done aimed at enabling the court properly adhere to due process while stating that it help pave the way for a speed trial.

Judge Konton also noted that it is important to have the proper legal representation of one who is accused before investigation while mentioning that if legal parties are not represented it creates an unsafe situation for handling of cases.

He however frowned on Magistrates who he claimed are lazy in smooth and quick Investigation of cases something which according to him does not matched the due process of law.

“It is bad when you magistrates and lawyers play laziness with cases, as too much delay in the Court process does not matched the law. Due process is fundamental in the law so court actors should ensure the gudience of the court due process.” Hon. Konton said.

Meanwhile the 4th Judiciary Circuit Court has opened with 34 cases on docket,7 Criminal and 24 Civil Cases.