77,000 Civil Servants To Go Slow On Monday


The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change led Government is said to be undergoing immense pressure from all corridors of the Country due to the current economic situation facing the nation and its people.

With seventeen Days to the December 30th, plan protest, the ruling establishment has another headache to deal with as the Civil Servants Workers Union of Liberia announced a major Go-Slow Action scheduled for December 16, 2019 on next Monday.

According to the head of the group Moibah Johnson their plan action came as a result of the government’s allege failure to implement a Memorandum (MoU) of Understanding entered into between they and National government relative to their salaries.

Mr. Johnson said after countless efforts, negotiations as well as consultations from relevant sectors and stakeholders respectively,  the government has allegedly failed to meet up with their part of the bargaining to pay them their long and delay salaries.

“We are professional people and how do you expect us to survive, when we are working tirelessly but without pay for months, and we have children and families to cater to especially this critical festive season”, Moibah wondered.

He called on all of his members not to go to work as of Monday December 16, 2019 until they hear from their leadership because, enough, is enough and they are tired of promises without tangible results.

In an angrier tune he warned authority not to intimidate, punish and or dismiss any of their members as result of such action, noting that it will not be tolerated.

“Our action will continue until our demands are met”, he added.

Salary delays for Civil Servants in Liberia is an old age issue due to several unexplained factors as the current concern by the aggrieved party appears to be alarming especially with the huge number involved couple with the ongoing hardship in the Country.

The decision when fully implemented by the civil servants will be a major blow to the government and the Country in general and may appear to be a practical shut down of crucial activities of Liberia owing to the significant role they play in society.

Meanwhile Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Smith Toby recently assured all civil servants that they will get their pay for two months:  October and November while their December will be in January of 2020.

Currently he indicated further that plans and processes leading to the payment of civil servants salaries up till press time are said to be in the making, as such, he encouraged them to exercise patients.