In Liberia: President Weah Leads National Effort On Corona Virus Prevention


Liberian Government is now making some rapid efforts in a drive to help prevent the ravaging Corona Virus from entering into the Country.

As evidence of such initiative, President George Weah has with immediate effect constituted a special Presidential Advisory Committee for the prevention of the killer Corona Virus in Liberia.

The decision which was taken after the end of an emergency cabinet meeting held on Monday March 9, 2020 at his Foreign Ministry Office now see him (Weah) as chair of such strategic committee.

The Liberian leader according to Deputy Press Secretary Smith Toby stressed that it is time for a collective fight in protecting the virus which has now reached a crisis point across the globe.

The Committee team members to include: The Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Institute of Liberia is expected to provide among other things necessary strategies and awareness on the massive prevention of the virus across Liberia.

Moreover, and as a global health situation and concern respectively, the Who Health Organization, The World Bank and the United Nations International Children Education Funds are also key international partners to the preventive new committee set up by the Liberian Leader.

Due to the speed in which the virus is taken away lives, the international partners are as well taken proactive steps in providing support to Countries to help prevent the virus.

Speaking to Executive Mansion Reporters Tuesday March 10, 2020, the Deputy Press Secretary Smith Toby disclosed that the World Bank has made initial contribution to Liberia in the tune of 1.5m and is working on modalities to increase said amount to 5m and subsequently step it up to 20m in total in assisting Liberia to prevent the virus.

The government as direct beneficiary is expected to invest about 40m in effectively preventing the crisis, something Mr. Toby noted is a challenge but the Government is working to address is for the benefit of its citizenry.

Though the virus is not in Liberia but President Weah has encouraged all residents in the territorial borders of the Country to abide by all health preventive measures for a healthier and save society.

He wants Liberians to work as a team and put in place the similar united spirit that saw the exited Ebola virus from the Land and the region in general.

As donors and health practitioners are said to be working on ways and means in preventing the Corona Virus from entering the Country, the public has been challenged to abide by all health safety measures and not to panic in the wake of the global health situation.




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