A boast on-way to Liberia’s Palm Oil sector


Solidaridad, Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Government of Liberia on Thursday October 10, 2019 began a two day Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) aims at highlighting means by which Liberia can achieve sustainable Palm oil.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil ( RSPO) is a multi- Stakeholders Initiative that gears toward promoting the production and uptake of Certified Sustainable Produced Palm oil(CSPO).

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil is of two certification systems which are the principles and criteria Certification that ensues Palm Oil is produced sustainably and the Chain Certification that ensures the integrity of the trade in sustainable lm oil.

The aims of the Principles and criteria Certification (P&C) among other things to ensure that fundamental rights I land owners , local communities, plantation workers , small farmers as well as their families are expected and fully taken into consideration.

In pursuance to transforming the oil Palm industry to make it more sustainable, and with the challenges RSPO faces , complaints and Disputes are align corrections.

At the opening of the workshop , the facilitators said RSPO Board of Governors recognizes the need for more comprehensive outreach efforts through a network of intermediaries identified from the related or affected communities within producing counties to support and assist RSPO and local stakeholders.

This , according to them is paying the way for a more effective engagement process that will play a key role in achieving its mission.

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The two days forum expected to climax Friday according to the Platform Coordinator of National Oil Palm Platform of Liberia (NOPPOL) Galah Toto is meant to guarantee the assurance of sustainable produced Palm oil in Liberia.

NOPPOL Platform Coordinator wants participants and the government of Liberia to endorse with full participation in making the county change the dynamics of oil Palm production.

Meanwhile, the National Bureau of Concessions (NBC) Director General Gregory Coleman ensued that the intend of the two days workshop will be shifted to ailing all corrections necessary in the Palm oil sector.

The NBC General Director noted that more focus be placed on creating a value chain in ensuring principles to productions of oil.

This, Mr. Colman said I considered will lead to further expansion and advancement of Palm oil in Liberia.

He however express government commitment in the implementation of documents that will be generated and achieved.


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