A local NGO Founder wants rapid investment in science and technology studies


A local; NGO “It Takes a Village Africa” is calling on Liberians to consider Science and Technology as driving tools to rapid development.

The call, according to the NGO’s Founder, Erica Davies will make Liberian students versatile on trending science and technological issues that would benefit the country if considered.

“It takes a Village Africa” Head said science and technology are areas that provide better job opportunities for young people in the midst of economic downturn.

Erica wants the country competes with its many international counterparts, something she believes when done will track investment in the country.

According to her, technology is one of the accepts investors consider while making investment plans.

She believes with the foundation already initiated if sustained will make some Liberian Students interesting in perusing higher studies in those professions.

Madam Davies disclosed that the organization is embarking on meaning projects to making Liberian students knowledgeable about science and technology.

“We now have 150 students attending the institution and still wanting more “she told KMTV News.

The local NGO founder disclosed that the institution is making effort for the decentralization of the project in all fifteen counties in Liberia.

This, she added can only come to fulfillment when external help is given her.

Though, much effort is being exerted to reach the expected goals but is not sufficient, she noted.