Security Expert Calls For More Training Of Police Officers Nationwide

Momo Cyrus
A private security boss, Momo Cyrus has termed as frustrating, the manner and form in which some  police officers compose themselves while exercising their respective duties.
The Segal Boss observed what he calls poor approach and or deportment on the part of some police officers in their operations including, visible corruption and worse of all, unprofessionalism, something he noted is troubling for the security of the state.
In a bid to address said issue, Mr. Cyrus recommended adequate training of police officers across the Country, if the force should regain its lost image.
However, he pointed out that there are some good and professional officers in the LNP but noted that more needs to be done to help promote the good image of the police force especially in the area of training.

” Let the professional standard division of the LNP do a proper performance as well as assessment of personals of the LNP and see the need to retrain the bad ones”

He said the lack of training and constant harassment on the part of some police officers  is posing serious embarrassment to the state and needs to be address urgently.
Additionally, he stressed the need for a collaborative private sector government security relationship for the betterment of the Country’s security sector.
He emphasized that  private security individuals are cardinal to the overall security of the nation and should be recognized and supported by national government.
Mr. Momo said private security contributes 25% to the Country’s employment drive as such they need to be seen as a bigger partner and should be encouraged to do more for the nation. He at the same time praised president Weah for his stance calling for stakeholders dialogue to help address some of the pressing issues of national concerns confronting the nation’s economy and its growth.
Nevertheless he urged the pro poor government to see the national conference as key to said endeavor because such conference will bring together Liberians from across the fifteen political subdivisions of this country on a round table to discuss issues of their nation and find amicable solutions and collectively addressing it.
Speaking to reporters Tuesday Mr. Cyrus  called on Liberians despite their political backgrounds to come together to help jealously protect the peace of the nation.
On the other hand, the Segal boss appealed to the justice system to take seriously justice  related issues in a timely faction in order to reduce crimes and to help build the trust and confidence in the people.