A Nigerian Nephrologist Calls On National Government To See The Private Sector As A Key Partner To Liberia’s Health Sector


A visiting Nigerian Nephrologist Dr. Oyebisi Oyekunle has encouraged national government to see the private sector as an important partner to the development of Liberia’s health sector.

According to the Nigerian consultant,globally health care are privately driven as such the Liberian government should now see the need to encourage full private participation for an effective and efficient health care delivery.
The Nigerian health practitioner praised national government for its effort in helping to improve the sector especially with some of the challenges it faced in the past ranging from the civil war and the just ended deadly Ebola virus crisis.

He said the continent of Africa has a long way to go in improving the health sector,however he noted that there are efforts in the making to help provide adequate health care for the people on the continent of Africa.
Commenting on his mission in Liberia Dr. Oyekunle said he came to Liberia to intervene into the handling of the chronic kidney disease which he noted is ravaging across the globe.

Medically one out of four is affected by the deadly disease,he added.
The disease which he pointed out is so deadly should be tackle holistically.

” I came to Liberia in two folds,one is to operate on the first dialysis modern machine in Liberia which was brought in Liberia by the Shree Krishna Incorporated Clinic and two is to provide training to some health workers and students in Liberia on how to use the machine”,amongst others,he Noted.

Dr. Oyekunle who has been in Liberia for few days now has helped safe the lives of two patients at the Shree Krishna Incorporated Clinic who were hardly hit by the deadly kidney disease.
Oyebisi indicated that after randering professional test and treatment on the two individuals whose names are with held,they are now well and moving on strong by the grace of God.
He said the disease is troubling and also costly to treat.
Globally the disease is caused by diabetes but in Africa to include Liberia it is caused by infection,heart blood pressure and inheritance amongst others.
In a drive to battle such huge health complication, the Nigerian Nephrologist warned Liberians and Africans in general to be very careful on what they eat, desist from taking pain relievers especially when they are not prescribed by doctors,because according to him said practice has the propensity to damage their kidneys.
Additionally he encouraged Liberians to do regular check up, exercise well including reporting timely on their health related complications to health workers.
Unlike in the past Liberia now has a modern and sophisticated dialysis machine at the facility of the Shree Krishna Incorporated Clinic on 20th street in Sinkor as the Nigerian health consultant urged Liberians to make use of the facility to avoid them from traveling abroad to seek such kidney treatment and other diseases.

According to proprietor of the clinic Kishore Gurbani,the clinic is modern,equipped and has trained staff who are up to the task to always rander professional health related services to the population of the Country.

He said base on numerous of calls from several people they have come to help the Country’s health sector.
” We are here to save lives and it is our passion and not for money making”,Mr. Gurbani added.
He noted that as the government is working to improve the health sector so are they too an important partner in the private sector and are working tirelessly to ensure residents in Liberia are safe and healthy.