A Policy recommendation to MCC and Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee

Written By Hellen Siah Sayan Momoh.

Dear Honorable Mayor,
The intention of the pilot project is laudable BUT, we recommend a particular space for accountability. In as much as you have a whole intention to foster youth empowerment, you also want to consider the maintenance and sustainability of such empowerment critically!! It is recorded that in China, “pilot projects were established to test new formal system to replace informal recycling but usually, these projects failed mainly because informal recycles pay consumers for their e-waste and pilot projects do not” based on a low level of accountability.

Honorable Mayor, this is a situation that should ultimately be avoided in the case of Monrovia by implementing these two alternative policies.

1, the policy of blameworthiness and
2, the incumbency policy.

1. The policy of blameworthiness gives the sponsors of the pilot project the full responsibility to take control of the monetary aspect and pay workers based on the agreement or, a labor respected bureau of accountability can be created under the city government to guide the financial process for the workers or employees.

2. The incumbency policy pushes the workers to fully coordinate themselves and cooperate actively to the commitment of the pilot project. Ahead of your success honorable Mayor, we disagree and dislodge the idea of wanting to give money to youth groups (heads) to pay workers or employees because, there’s no reliability of accountability!!

Following the “doughnut economics” policy, you want to avoid escapism and also empower women as heads for the sustainability and progress of this project.

Hellen Siah Sayan Momoh.