A Pro-Democracy group calls on all concessionaires and lawyers representing their interests to rescue themselves from the revision committee.

In the wake of investigation into operations of all concessionaires across the Country a pressure group under the banner Movement against bad labor practices, illegal dismissal and bad governance has advanced several key recommendations to ensure that the process makes a tangible impact.
According to the executive director of the Group Anthony F. Williams their advocacy is to amongst other things ensure that the people at those concession areas including workers have a fare share of the cake.
He said with the inclusive and thorough revision of all concessionaires as well as the full inclusion of all stakeholders into the revision process it with greatly help the pro-poor government achieved a lot in that sector.
Mr. Williams who frowned at members of the 52nd national legislature under whose authority those concessions were enacted into law used the occasion to appeal to President George Weah and other key relevant individuals to ensure that they urged all concessionaires and lawyers respectively to unconditionally rescue themselves from the review committee.
The call the right activist noted is intended to should transparency in the process and avoid conflict of interest including partial investigation.
The revision committee includes but not limited to the Ministry of Labor and the National Bureau of Concession amongst others.
In a one but solid page document the group recommends the visitation of all concession sites, physically and conduct interviews both openly and secretly with some workers, contractors, Union management as well as the custodian of the land.
The move is intended to give them clear understanding about the actual condition at various sites.
Additionally the group challenged the committee to request and review payrolls of those concessionaires to enable them understand the salary disparity with similar job performed by Liberians and foreigners or aliens respectively.
The pressure group at the same time request all contracts entered into between the concessionaires and the local contractors to also enable them identify the transfer of the Company burden and responsibility to the local contractors thereby avoiding the direct interaction with the workers of that concession area as such the local contractors are unable to handle and or address the issues of bad labor practices, illegal dismissal which is most often carried out by the concession.
The Committee will have a huge task to perform judging from past unsatisfactory concession operations across the Country with the people feeling the preached in past years.
Meanwhile at his recent confirmation hearing the head of the the National Bureau of Concession Gregory Coleman promised to work in the Supreme interest of the people adding by also carefully and properly reviewing all concessionaires across the country.
It is expected that the outcome of the investigation by the committee will yield fruitful dividen for the people and the labor sector in general.