“A Sign of Divisiveness” Says Rep. Younquoi at Nimba County Council Sitting


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah (Correspondent)

Political fight, dominated the start of the long awaited Nimba County sitting amongst leaders of the county.

It all started when Senator Prince Johnson, who is the head of the Nimba County Caucus refused to recognize four members of the body during his special remarks.

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They include his closet companion at the high table, Sen. Thomas S. Grupee, Rep. Samuel G. Korgar, Sanniquellie-Mahn District representative Hon. Prince O. S. Tokpah, and his bitter rival Hon. Larry P. Younquoi of electoral District#8 Nimba.

According to our reporter, citizens of Nimba county were totally astonished when Sen. Prince Yormie Johnson single out few members of the Nimba Legislative Caucus at the well attended meeting during the opening of the County Council Sitting in Sanniquellie, Nimba county.

Though the Senator did not state reasons why he refused to recognized his colleagues, he continue by expressing special appreciation to the other members of the Caucus for their continues support in standing with him to lobby for the people of Nimba County.

” I want extend special thanks to Hon. Gwaikolo, Rep. Koung, Hon. Sonwarbi, Rep. Kargon, Rep. Gleekia and Rev. Domah…to other people I want say your thank you.” Sen. Johnson said in his opening remarks.

He went on to call those names he did not mention as oppositions.

Sen. Johnson action did not only come as a surprise to the delegates at the County Council sitting but worrying according to cross section of citizens in Nimba County.

Some citizens expressed fear that this may cause the meeting to not end peacefully because the action of the Caucus’ head signifies that the Lawmakers are not united.

However, without mincing any word, Rep. Younquoi seriously descended on Senator Johnson verbally and termed his action as divisive and disappointing.

The District #8 policymaker blamed Senator Johnson’s action on the failure of the elders of Nimba to settle dispute amongst the Lawmakers, something which he (Younquoi) said, gives him the feeling like there is no chief or elder in the county.

Hon. Younquoi further accused Chief Peter Barloun, head of the Traditional Council of Nimba for always siding with the Senator.

” The way Chief Peter Barloun is proceeding makes me feel that we don’t have elders in this county.” Rep. aggressively expressed in a remarks.

The cunty sitting is currently ongoing and details about the wellbeing of the county’s programs and social services are topping the agenda of the discussion .

More details are emerging ….