A Strategic Bus Stop Turns Home To Mentally Challenge People


The Social Welfare component of the Ministry of Gender and Children appears not to be effective evidence of the multiplicities of mentally challenge people in major streets and Cities of Liberia with no sense neither idea of how to intervene in their case.

The free movement of these people from health and physical implications poses huge threats to children, youth, the elderly including passers –by in general who normally move with them due to lack of care and attention from relevant functionaries of Government.

Currently there are multiple of mentally challenge people normally seen loitering the streets with no care including attention by national Government especially the line Ministry and agency responsible both the health and social welfare components respectively.

In some places the mentally challenge people along with their kids practically live in major and strategic areas, streets among others and pollute it with filthy and disposed items due to their level of thinking at the detriment of others.

Currently a major Bus- Stop at a strategic area on capitol hill directly opposite the main Campus of the State Run University of Liberia, a neighbor to the Capitol Building, the office of Members of the National Legislature and a stone throw to the Executive Mansion and Foreign Ministry respectively, the Seat of the President is seen abandoned and lying in ruins but is been due to its deplorable state massively used by some mentally challenge people who now takes it as their home.

The mentally challenge people sleep and does everything necessary in their thinking in the Bus-Stop visibly in front of duty bearers and the general public who regularly used that major route to and from work including other places with no direct intervention from Government, private citizens, companies and many others up till press time.

According to one of the passers-by, she wonders if the City Government or other relevant government functionaries do not have eyes to see, this is shameful, she added.

Additionally, a Business Student at the University of Liberia James Dahn pointed out by asking if the President should be the one to address said issue, “why are some of our government officials not proactive enough”, James intoned.

The occupying of that strategic and abandoned Bus- Stop by mentally challenge people which should have been used for its intended purpose directly for the general public, students, youth and many others, unlike the mentally change people has been an old age issue as efforts from the relevant authorities are timely needed to help save the face of the city and government at large due to its strategic nature.

Like the intervention of the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) towards the Foreign Ministry former abandoned to now a modern Bus- stop on upper Capitol Hill, similar prompt action is needed, said one of the passers-by.

Moreover, there is an urgent need to institute relevant and effective programs to help practically cater to mentally challenge people in society as their regular and normal movement including routines among children, youth, adults and other vulnerable groups is not healthy for the society especially as a civilized and independent Country.

The challenges of the Country are enormous by with creative and proactive leaders putting in place the necessary measures and programs despite financial difficulties, they can gradually be addressed.