Young Liberian Farmer Galakpai Kollie Calls On Government for Assistance


Galakpai Kollie, a young Liberian farmer in Zorzor District, Lofa County, is calling on the Government of Liberia, International Donors and Development Partners, as well as well-meaning Liberians for assistance to help enhance his agriculture project.

Galakpai’s ambition is to give back to underprivileged citizens through job creation by means of agriculture. Galakpai says he intends to help boost Liberia’s Agriculture sector through the production of rice, cocoa, oil palm, and etcetera.

It is believed that over the next few decades, agriculture will continue to be the dominant sector of employment and a vital source of labor for young people in Liberia.

Galakpai is soliciting cash or kind to help enhance his farming projects. He named tools and seeds such as cutlasses, shovels, pinax, diggers, calix oil palm seeds, and supergene oil palm seeds among others.

Mr. Kollie began his career project on October 4, 2016, and has been involved in the production of rice, cocoa, and oil palm on a 20 acre of land.

For the past season, Mr. Kollie said he was able to harvest a small amount of product due to the challenges he is faced with, adding that he’s able to harvest hundred bags of rice, five bags of cocoa, and ten gallons of oil palm.

“For now we supply the Zowolo Market in Zorzor with his produce in limited quantity.”

Currently, Galakpai Kollie has 100 persons working on his farm in Lofa County.