ACHEM Calls for Aid to Rehab Center Patients in Ganta


Action for Community Health Empowerment (ACHEM), is calling on the national government, international partners, philanthropists as well as humanitarian organizations to come to the rescue of needy patients at the Ganta Rehabilitation Center.

On Friday May 14, 2021, several patients from the Ganta Rehab Center especially those with the buruli ulcer conditions; as well people living with disabilities as a result of extreme diseases like leprosy, buruli ulcer and other tropical and communicable diseases blocked the Ganta-to-Sanniquellie highway in an effort to attract government’s attention and to also demand basic medical and food supply.

Speaking to KMTV at the head office of the organization in Ganta, on Tuesday, 18 May, Mr. Steven Nyemeinway Quoi, Executive Director of ACHEM said, there is a need that government aid patients at the Rehab Center.

“Inhabitants of the facility [Ganta Rehab] are deprived of basic services such as medication, food, light, improved shelters and other things. As such, we (ACHEM) are calling on our goodwill citizens to come to the aid of our neglected brothers and sisters.” Mr. Quoi lamented.

“Why we appreciate partners of the institution [Ganta Rehab Center], like AIFO-Liberia, DAHW, GLRA, and the Consolata Sisters who are doing their very best to help the situation, we want to call on the National Commission on Disability; National Government, Philanthropic Organizations, and other international partners to come to the aid of the patients; the caregivers, and Liberian at the facility.” He continued.

The Action for Community Health Empowerment (ACHEM) is a non for-profit, non-governmental, nonreligious organization that primarily promotes health for all; especially in rural communities.


ACHEM calls come amid recent protest by patients at the Rehab Center who have been lamenting the lack of basic medical supplies and equipment as well as food and other hygienic items like bath soap, tissue, alcohol, amongst other at the facility.

The Ganta Rehab Center was established in the mid-1920s by Dr. George Way Harley, an American-Methodist missionary and physician to cater to Liberians with neglected and post hospitalized conditions such as, buruli ulcer, tuberculosis (TB), leprosy and other acute diseases.

Since its establishment, the Ganta Rehab Center has been able to rescued thousands of Liberian people by way of free medical services, but according to the administration of the health center, the Covid-19 has imposed a serious problems to the coming in of supplies from their partners in the diaspora, something which is leading to the ongoing issues.

This is putting those with the buruli ulcer conditions at risk because the sore needs a day-to-day cleaning and care, but the needful materials are scarce to attend to the over 110 patients on hand at the facility.