Activist Martin Kollie Brands Gov’t Covid-19 Strategies as ‘Poor’

Martin K. N. Kollie

Liberia’s national Covid-19 fight has been described as poor by Former University of Liberia Student leader now in exile Martin K. N. Kollie.

Kollie a major critic of the George Weah government who claimed he was chased out of the country said, government failed to take concert efforts to prevent Liberians since the wave of the virus.

He said, the root cause of the mismanagement of the COVID-19 virus in Liberia started from the appointment of members of the steering team by President Weah who appointed some non-health practitioners like  Finda  Bondo and Mary Broh to  coordinate a major health crisis .

The Political activist wants government to take the crisis seriously, because it undermines the Sovereignty of the country and said, any government that renege to protect its citizens there are greater risk ahead.

 KMTV’s Presenter Amos Momo speaking with Martin K.N. Kollie

On the new wave of the COVIDD-19 virus in the country, Kollie said no one cares to investigate who brought the virus into the country but rather accusing Indian businessman Jetty, and wonders why gov’t is not investigating the situation.

He believes that the George Weah led government is playing politics with the lives of Liberians and it is not far. “Go to other countries both opposition, government, critics are coveting   effort to fight this virus because the virus doesn’t see opposition, government or anyone.” Kollie noted as he called on government to welcome everyone ideas.

Mr. Kollie continue “Let’s put politics aside, let’s rescue our republic from this pandemic, this could require leadership on the part of the President on the part of the Minister of Health, leadership on the part of the Executive Director of NPHIL.”

Recently, the Liberia government said, it is willing to accept any opposition or  individuals to join them in combating the virus days after ANC Political leader Alexander Cumming expressed interest in working with stakeholders in the health sector to mitigate the spread of the virus.

The ruling CDC government has also asked citizens to be law abiding and observed all health measures put in place and are enforcing the health policies.

Mr. Kollie when asked on KMTV Morning show Thursday when he appeared via zoom whether locking down the country is very critical to stop the virus spread , Kollie said, gov’t lacks the capacity to do so as they are unable to provide  basic social services to citizens. He name, food , water, light as major needs during lockdown .

The Advocate wants Liberians to observed social distances, stay at home if necessary, observed health guidelines and protect their lives.

He claimed that the country has become a hostile zone because the ruling government is intolerance for critical voices and journalists. ‘”I love my country so much, our people are suffering we cannot keep quiet on the matters.”

Delving into Politics in the opposition discrepancies, Mr. Kollie who also studied political science at the University of Liberia said, there is no political institution that are free of political contradictions.

The Political Commentator and activist   Martin K.N Kollie wasted no time, as he brand the opposition in Liberia as WEAK and based on such weakness disintegration is setting in due to GREED.

He said, the CPP must not waste it’s time to go for elections because they already have two major candidates, Joe Boakai and Alexander Cumming.

Kollie argues that there should be consensus instead of convention, and lamented that this will prove that the opposition is unified to defeat the ruling government  the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), in the 2023 election.

Commenting on President George Weah’s recent visit to France, he said the visit was a public waste of resources and that the intent of the visit announced by the President communication arm  to the nation  lied that the Liberian leader was invited to served as speaker for the gender equality forum and that did not happened.

Meanwhile, following his arrival to the country from France a ceremony was held at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) on Saturday, July 3, 2021 and  France’s Ambassador to Liberia presented to President Weah 56,800 rapid antigenic tests as well as 4 OSIRIS3 Transport Respirators to aid and strengthen the Government’s capacity to contain COVID-19 fight.

French Government’s COVID-19 Emergency Humanitarian Aid to Liberia.

The donation, according to the statement from the mansion which is a fulfillment of pronouncement made by President Emmanuel Macron during a meeting with the Liberian Leader, but Mr. Kollie termed the statement as false, he said it was the French embassy who presented the items and not a promised by the French leader.