Advocacy Group Commended NPA’s Board of Directors For Reconciliatory Drive


Following proceedings at the Country’s Gate Way to the Economy,the National Port Authority, the group Borough Solidarity Network to protect president George Weah’s legacy has described as excellent and remarkable recent efforts by the board of directors of the National Port Authority to coordinate reconciliatory drive geared towards ending the recent dismissal hulaballoo at the Port.

The group said the initiative chaired by Richard Devine speaks to the fact that the NPA is on path of sustaining prosperity and development that are tied towards pro poor agenda initiative which is led by President George Weah.
The group promised to work in a move to support the ruling establishment agenda of prosperity and development.
However through its chair Stephen Freeman, the network said it is aware of usual differences between the bosses and subordinates in government ministers and agencies but noted that the best way in harmonizing these differences is through dialogue and reconciliation especially when these differences are administrative and not criminal including the abuse of public funds something they applauded the NPA’s board for its timely intervention.

The decision by both the managing director of the NPA Bill Twehway and that of the board of directors of the corporation through peaceful and successful dialogue is said to be the first of its kind since the ascendancy of the pro poor government,a historic moment,the network noted.

Mr.Freeman told reporters that reconciliatory drive and dialogue which harness a cordial workplace that helps show case high degree of professionalism should be emulated by other government ministries and agencies of the Country.
It can be recalled that PresidentGeorge Weah has encouraged the people of Liberia to see peace and reconciliation as driven forces to sustaining the peace process of the Country as the initiative by the two parties appeared to be a resounding and timely approach in said regard.
The group is hopeful that with the intervention of the board regarding the dismissal of Franklin Sarkoh as Comptroller of the NPA,charting a new course for the forward march of the corporation and the Country is the best way out.
The NPA as key to Liberia’s growth process is said to be making some tremendous strides in buttressing government’s pro poor agenda for the common good of Liberia.