Advocacy Group Wants Legislature Instigate COVID-19 Loans and Grants


An advocacy group under the banner “Coalition for Legislative Advocacy” has petitioned the Legislature to set up a committee of experts to conduct an independent review of all loans and grants received by the Government of Liberia including the legality of acquisition and usage in the fight against the Coronavirus.

The group believes the advocacy if welcomed and implemented will increase public confidence and erase the speculation of unlawfulness, secrecy, corruption, and misappropriation of public funds.

According to the group, the Legislature as a set of direct representatives of the people must work to ensure transparency and accountability which are core elements of good governance.

It added that some lawmakers including Rep. Samuel Ender, Senators Saah Joseph, and Abraham Darius Dillon raised a series of concerns over the methodology used for the acquisition and execution of these loan agreements;

The pro-advocacy group said transparency and accountability are embedded in the fight against the Coronavirus and must at all cost adhere to, and void of sentiments.

“We call on the international community, media organizations, and the ordinary people of Liberia to ensure that Government continues to work for us,” the group said.

The group named the State of Emergency, the limiting of public movements and gatherings, the limitation of business hours, the closing schools and religious centers among others, which were measures use to help curtail the spread for the disease are factors that have led the country experiencing a direct hit as a result of the virus.

The group of young advocates noted that reports from verified and credible sources including media institutions narrate that the Government of Liberia continues to acquire loans for the purpose of fighting the Coronavirus disease, adding that “those loans need credible and independent investigation so that the goals of said loans and grant are met in good faith.”