AFL Personnel Invited for Questioning Over Allegations of Brutality


The Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) said on Thursday it has invited one of its personnels for questioning over allegations of brutality against Liberian artist Yokee Bleek.

Yokee Bleek posted on his official Facebook page about 12 hours ago that an AFLpersonnel identified as

Prince Wallace entered into his apartment along with five other AFL personnels severely flogged and later dropped in somewhere in his community.

“This morning by some minutes after 10 am, an AFL personnel identified as (PRINCE WALLACE) entered into my apartment including 5 other AFLs and started flogging me all over my body with a rope that had an iron bobs in it (Babylon Rope).

“I was flogged severely until I when unconscious and they later dropped me in the middle of my community and drove away in a white Toyota pickup.

“I took the case to the police station in Pipeline and later when for treatment to a clinic know as Tony’s Medical clinic.

“They took away my gold wedding ring, my iPhone 7, including 2.500 us united states dollars from my bed room.

“So I’m kindly asking the Government of the REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA, the president GEORGE WEAH & the chief of Staff to the AFL and the human Rights to please bring these guys to justice.

“I’m presently living in serious fear cuz I feel unsafe with what that have happened to me,” artist Bleek wrote.