Africa Environmental Watch Executive Director Dr. Morris Koffa brands MCC and PCC “ineffective” in garbage collection, wants June 7 protesters be patriotic


Monrovia-The Executive Director of “Africa Environmental Watch” has branded the operations of the City governments of Monrovia and Paynesville as ineffective in performing their statutory mandates.

“Africa Environmental Watch”, is a Liberian owned and operated US-based company.

According to its Executive Director, Dr. Morris Koffa, the current messy condition of the Cities of Monrovia and Paynesville, is one of the factors responsible for the many illnesses in the Country.

The visiting Liberia-American was speaking at the “Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinions” on Carey Street in Monrovia on Wednesday.

He stressed the need for the Paynesville City and Monrovia City Corporations to revisit their solid waste collection strategies for further progress.

According to Dr. Koffa, it is sad for Africa’s oldest Country to be in filth.

The environmental expects believes such condition the cities are faced with contributes to high expenditure by the Liberia government on health.

“I thing by securing a save environmental, it will prevent government from spending”, he added.

Mr. Koffa wants immediate arrest to the situation and urges MCC  and PCC to put every necessary mechanisms in place to make the cities  “places to be”.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of “Africa Environmental Watch” said the laws on the act that created the Environmental Protection Agency is not wealthy to meet the intent the agency.

According to him, the Act makes the EPA  operates in scoop of functions that does not actualize the impact of the Entity.

The American-based Liberian is opting that the Environmental Protection Agency not to only be regulatory arm but also provide a frameworks that cut across all  environmental issues.

He however recommended that the EPA takes on what he calls “economic stagnation, environmental balance, impact assessment and endowment” if it must achieve the respective goals.

These, the AEW Boss noted will allow companies give future  impact benefits to affected communities, quality impact for future years among others.

At the same time, Dr. Morris Koffa has admonished the June 7 Protesters to be responsive and patriotic in preserving the peace and not the other way around.

Dr. Koffa who also serves as Chairman of Maryland-Liberia Sister States Program and Environmental and Disaster Mitigation Consultant said it is good that citizens expressed their grievances but should be done in accordance with the law and in a peaceful mood.

His statement “You don’t know who will come with different motive”, is a reflection of the destructive past which happened as a result of a “so called protest ” he remined hundreds of young Liberians at  CEIO in Central Monrovia.