More Social Cost Than Social Benefits, Representative Dopoh Blasts At The Sale Of Uniforms On Various Campuses Across Liberia


Rivercess County Representative Francis Dopoh has termed as unnecessary, the sale of educational materials including the hike in tuition at various Schools Across Liberia.

The situation according to him is alarming and requires prompt intervention from key actors in the Country.

Speaking in session Tuesday the Rivergee Lawmaker pointed out that the sale of uniforms on various campuses instead of business houses is another form of invading taxes and should be investigated to the core.

He said there is more social cost than social benefit something he wants to be addressed.

According to him section (9) of the tax law provides exemption for educational and charitable activities with the hope that it will provide social benefits something he added is now the opposite.

He said Liberia has a mixed and regulatory economy where the government provides subside and at the same time impose taxes.

The Rivergee County Lawmaker observed that in such a time and case where the Country is struggling to raise the necessary revenue to help support development and other related efforts than Schools are on the contrary suppressing the effort of the government to collect taxes by the sale of uniforms on their respective campuses.

He said had it been the business houses directly selling the School uniforms as was done in the past, it could help national government generate more revenue for the benefit of the people.

The discussion in plenary was later on buttressed by other lawmakers who subsequently saw the need to further the matter through a motion filed in by Montserrado County District eight Representative Acarous Gray to the committee on Education and Ways, Means and Finance to properly look into the matter and report to the plenary on Friday.