Agro Tech Liberia Launches Seedlings Project in Montserrado 


A local youth agriculture organization, Agro Tech Liberia Inc. has launched a food crop seedling production project that targets households’ food production in urban communities in Montserrado County.

The project, Emergency Food Security Initiative seeks to produce seedlings of common vegetable crops that will be distributed to households involve into back yard gardening and other individuals who have interest in growing food crops around their home for the daily meal.

According to Jonathan S. Stewart, Lead Campaigner for the organization, the initiative is all about inspiring food production at household level and to create food security consciousness in the society especially in the urban communities.

He disclosed that about 100-500 are expected to benefit from his organization’s free seedlings initiative.

“It is about time that we take the issue of the food we eat into our own hands, especially where there is a looming hunger disaster that will soon hit the world that we are deeply concerned about as an organization.

Nations have to prepare by encouraging citizens to get involve in growing wherever they reside, whether in the cities or rural communities. Liberia as a developing and economically challenged nation must begin to put its arts together so as to reduce the shock of the projected ‘hunger pandemic,’” Stewart said.

Seedling for food crops such as pepper, eggplant, collard grain, tomatoes and cabbage will be produced and distributed along with polythene bags for transplanting at homes of households in some major communities in Montserrado.

Seed such as water grain, cucumber, okra and watermelon will be given to be planted by the beneficiaries around their homes as a way to promote nutrition sensitive diet.

The organization, according to Stewart, received funding Support from Mr. Isaac Vah Tukpah of the USA and other Liberians toward the seed production initiative.

Agro Tech Liberia is a leading youth agriculture advocacy and environmental organization that provides mentorship, training and extension service to youth and farmers in Liberia. With it vision to rebrand agriculture to the taste of youth, the organization has created platforms to inspire, train and attract youth and women in agriculture in Liberia.